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Hi there, I'm Coco.
Here is lil something about me.

I'm 22 years old, originally from Tokyo. I'm a senior of my college.

I'd been living in Santa Barbara, California for over 2 years as an international exchange student. Actually just came back to Japan lil while ago. I'm still back and forth between SB and Japan like every couple months to see my friends and my host family.

I love hanging out with my friends and grabbing a drink. You know what? I love vodka more than Russians do, love tequila more than Mexicans do and even love whisky more than British people do. Haha Who's gonna take me to the bar? ;p

I travel many different countries. So far I've been to US, Bali, Dubai, Turkey, Italy and Australia etc... Do you think I've ever visited to your home country before? :) I'm always thinking about the destination of my next trip. Meeting new people in new place where I've never been to is just amazing for me.

When you come to see me I'd definitely make great time with you. And I want you to tell me about yourself and what you'd like to do for me. When I'm with you I'm your girlfriend. We'll have sweet time together...
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon... :*)

Thank you,

from Coco

From Manager
"This girl has a good combination of beauty and cuteness. You will say “Yeah!” in your mind for sure when you meet her. Good service is assured of course. I recommend her proudly.☆"

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