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Nina in Tokyo

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Nina is a professional Tokyo escort agency.
Our models have pleasure to serve you incall and outcall escorts.
Call +81 662143338 to enjoy unforgettable experience.

Hello. I am Niina. (*^-^*)
Thank you for looking at Niina’s page.
?Please let me introduce about myself a little.?
I am tiny with black long hair and big eyes. People say my skin is fair and smooth. Ehehe (*^^*)

I am relaxing, a pacifist, and do not like fighting with people.
My favorite food is Sushi, meat, and ice cream.?
I do not like cheese, milk, and fresh cream.

I like dancing, drinking, movies, hot springs, and traveling.
Though I get drunk easily, I like drinking very much.
It seems I get a little dirty girl when I get drunk. (//?//)
I am often told “Niina is sexy.” Or “Niina has hot body.” But I am not sure… (///?///)

I used to work as an esthetician, and a beauty expert and make-up artist, so I am good at massage.?

When I serve you erotic sexual feeling massage, I will make you feel good slowly and sticky. I will do my best to make your body and heart comfortable.

I know I am still on a progress and have to learn a lot. But I will make efforts every day so that many men say “Thank you. It was good seeing Niina.”

Many guests and staff helped me get to where I am now. I will work hard keeping grateful heart.
I am looking forward to seeing many guests!!

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  • Last updated: 11 Feb 2017