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Queen Of Tokyo Escort Ms Nagis is a professional Tokyo escort agency.
Our models have pleasure to serve you incall and outcall escorts.
Call +81 662143338 to enjoy unforgettable experience.

Devoted by Japanese Girls with Ultra-premium eroticism and Hospitality!
We dedicated to non-Japanese gentlemen

Our escort girl will lead you.
From the beginning to the end, our escort girl will lead you gently and take to the erotic world.
She unclothes you. Let her lead and entrust yourself to her care and technique in the bathroom and bed. You do not have to think what to do for initiate contact. Taste the eroticism and hospitality in our "Deriheru".
* No inter course

Wash your body and Nurumassage
Naked Girl
Kiss & French Kiss
Tender Body touch
Heavy Licking Service (Give and Receive)
Blow job with Skin
Pseudo Intercrural sex with condom (Sumata)
Testicle massage and lick
Sweet time

This is Nagisa letter for you

Hi, I’m Nagisa who is tall and has baby-face with brightening straight black hair. I have nice command of English so I want to talk with you about everything… including dirty stuff.

People say I don’t look like Japanese girl - tall, long legs, and big booties. I like my body because I can love you with bigger part. I have baby-face but also have thick lips which makes my impression a mix of innocent and sexy. But when you find a flooding spring in my down there, I can’t hide the truth that I’m dirty inside…

Personally I like my fair skin a lot. It is very smooth especially on my thighs and butts where you have free access to. I also like my almond-shaped eyes to look at you passionately.

I have lived in U.S for a couple of years and kept studying English after that. I really enjoy talking with people from other countries. When I see you maybe I would ask too much about you, but it’s all because I’m curious of your story. Tell me what you have seen in your life.

I think I have an unique background here - I have worked for a major company. So I can kind of tell how you feel like when you are overwhelmed with your job. It is true that I’m here to make you feel good sexually, but I want to be more than that- I want to heal you from hard days. No matter if you are on business or not, I will make your night unforgettable.

I’m dirty in bed… I like to tease you, but also like to be teased. You can hear my moan especially when you use pink-rotor on me. It’s been not long since I started working here, but I got many praises on my bj. I want you to feel my soft lips on your delicate part.

I will truly enjoy the time with you. I want to spend time together as if we are in love with.
Now you want to see me? Let’s have the sweetest time you have ever experienced

Have a wonderful erotic night!
Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo
Phone: 06(6214)3338
・Booking by phone (OPEN HRS. Noon - 5:00AM).

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