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Yuri in Osaka

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Yuri is a professional Osaka escort agency.
Our models have pleasure to serve you incall and outcall escorts.
Call +81 6-6214-3338 to enjoy unforgettable experience.

Hello! I am Yuri.

I will introduce about me a little.

This is first time for me to work in this business. So I am nervous.
But staffs and other girls are nice to me. And especially customers like you are very nice.
So I enjoy working here!

Though I am a girl, I like boys comics. I cannot stop reading! I am familiar to Japanese manga and anime, so please ask any questions? Any… well, I am sorry if I do not know.
I like Evangelion the best.

I have just moved to Osaka. I enjoy trying cake shops near my home. I hope people from foreign countries know Japan has many good cake shops, too.?
Please tell me if you know yummy cake or sweets in your country!

I think I am mild, but I will be aggressive in a bed. I like teasing you.

I wish we can spend nice happy time together.
I will heal you if you are tired!

Thank you for reading all. m(__)m
I am really looking forward to seeing YOU.?
Please remember my name?

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  • Last updated: 13 Aug 2017