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A human mind is a titillating playground and I am your provocateur Take my hand as we step from your daydreams into a vivid reality we create free to explore in the flesh To indulge with sight sound touch and taste To create a reality which surpasses imagination only for those bold enough to make my acquaintance Unearth your proclivities allow me to be your provocateur You are my reservoir of untapped reverie I am a virtuoso of wish fulfillment When I open the door your eyes will trace my petite 26 waist pale skin and soft bosom At this moment I ll whisper I ve been waiting for you why don t you come inside and greet you with a warm embrace smiling from my bright blue eyes The moment of our anticipation will melt into bashful giggles and a night of delight You ll revel at my limber curvaceous body and eyes you cannot look away from The next move is yours Why Am I Here You Might Wonder If I had to pick my favorite thing about my confidant lifestyle it s the blind date experience yet SO much better I have been unceasingly delighted by the genuine connections I have formed Every time I met someone I relish in the excitement of our blind date but with a far higher quality of gentleman or lady such as yourself One who values time experience and transparency far more than the average person Nothing is as satisfying as meeting a quality gentleman looking for a no strings attached experience from a woman who knows what she wants I adore embodying a good gal in a pencil skirt by day and a scandalous vixen by night nothing would suit me better as you may soon discover Fortune favors the bold text or email me before another moment slips by

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