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Kei in Tokyo

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Kei is a professional Tokyo escort agency.
Our models have pleasure to serve you incall and outcall escorts.
Call +81 357931515 to enjoy unforgettable experience.

Hi I'm Kei.

Thank you for checking my profile.
I can speak English a bit,but my English pronunciation is not good I suppose..

My hobbies are watching movie,reading books,playing with birds(I have parrots) drinking with friends,listening music,enjoying yummy food.

I've been Germany. and some countries around Germany.
So I can say a few German. Like,Ich liebe Schokolade. Gib mir! Bitte! Danke! :D

I'm really not good at introduce myself, so if you have any questions,ask me!
People say I'm friendly and curious.

I like to make people smile and happy.
So I'll do my best for you.
I hope we have a sweet time :)

Manager Message: She is a neat and nice girl with black hair. You will fall in love for her adorable acts surely.♪ Caution: We assume no responsibility even if you get crazy about her service. ☆(Ogawa)

Such a girl does this and that... How can men stay calm? It is a fate you met her.♪ And her sincere dedication will move your heart for sure.♪(Matsusaka)

She is a real cutie pie, and her long black hair is a symbol of Yamato-nadeshiko.♪ You cannot lose if you choose her. We can recommend this girl proudly. Certainly, you will finish the session with a big smile on the first time and after the second or following.♪(Hirayama)

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