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My name is Tantra Gfe. I am ready to escort you.
I am available in Milan.
Call me +39 3381218021 or send a message .

ღ ღ Erotic Massage in MILAN ღ MALPENSA airport ღ RHO Fiera ღ MONZA ღ BERGAMO ღ LAKE COMO ღ ღ

Hi! If you are the traveling established professional in need of attention away from your hectic day let me please help to release you from the mundane!

My name is Anna, I am a practitioner in the wellness field (RMT) and I also cater a reputable neotantra massage service for a rejuvenating, uplifting and passionate encounter, and the date must be at your venue only.
Apart from my lovely natural appearance of an Italian Reinassance woman, I am gifted in the arts of giving pleasure, and I will create a blissful experience with keenness to share intimacy.
After some overall body massage to relax your body from head to toes, I begin to focus on the sensual art techniques. I do a fair amount of erotic stimuli and foreplay, to awaken all your senses and relinquish all inhibitions and preconceived notions, and to cause a state of sexual arousal or anticipation of such.

If what you're looking for is a real sensual, erotic experience, something with tantric, teasing, build up, and climax for sure, you are at the right place. You may come around with your own feel-good things, and I will always ensure that a high level of excitation and my hand and/or my mouth will accompany you until the explosion of pleasure!

While I honor those who wish their enjoyment to include a one way touch (from me to you) release as the session ends, our time together can also be interactive as I'm open to anything that may happen within a GFE like exploring the whole range of pleasurable options that make for some good, good SEX!
My personality and character are genuine and real, but more importantly, so are my laugher and climaxes. I am a bad actress and a worse liar: speeding things with a fauxgasm it's not my thing! How far we go depends on the feedback you and your body give me. I will defer to you. At any event, my outercourse & intercourse rates are the same.

TO EXCHANGE INFO: Email Only, Please.

The obvious social stigma around sex workers is always lying on wait and as I find troublesome to randomly answer the phone, discussions about services and payments will not be entertained. A word of thanks to the considerate gem of gentleman who is Ok with using email to get our thoughts communicated first, and then using a scheduled call when we will both have a higher bandwidth conversation, with a strong emphasis on discretion.

I do not take into account TEXT or “number withheld” and I do not meet everyone who inquires, so please put your best foot forward, and drop me a super-nice line, providing info about our approximate appointment (location/day/time) and about your person that I request both fully and honestly, to the best of your ability. A comprehensive request to keep you company, received with reasonable notice, will get most of my attention and I will always reply to it, whether I am available or not.

A lady like me will always have a soft spot for the highest gentlemanly qualities, and just like any date I will only see men who bring out their utmost reverence for divine feminine energy.

If you wish to see more of me, take a peek at my personal WEBSITE
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and I eagerly await your introduction!

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